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An Italian Story: Invictus Yachts.

The name and the logo, symbolizing a crusader shield, are conceived not by chance, in order to express the products style and quality, both pursuing thew and reliability. The debut production will include two ranges of leisure boats, corresponding with two types of propulsion: inboard-outboard for the ‘G’ series, more tending to leisure and sailing, and outboard for the ‘FX’, more technic and sporty. These are the reasons that support the choices of the brand and the decision to offer a new concept of yacht, which portrays the idea of a higher level boat.

The collaboration with the prestigious Christian Grande DesignWorks studio has allowed Invictus to give birth to exceptional and highly efficient pleasure boats, distinguished by a cutting-edge and infused design of our soul and our passion for the sea, for technology and for the design.

Invictus official dealer

Nautica Sud is not just an Invictus dealer, it marries its mission and passion for design.

Invictus through the shapes and lines of the boats, full of technical innovations and attention to detail, gives an atmosphere of luxurious well-being on board.

Invictus Yacht is the new benchmark of the Italian Nautica.
Invictus intends to be more than a yacht builder, it wants to create the luxury of tomorrow by turning shipowners’ wishes into reality.
With our Invictus we design the future. Exclusive and premium vessels, designed and built keeping with the quality and style values for which the Italian recreational boatbuilding industry is known as the best in the world.